Mobile Data Collection Toolkit

A guidance for the use of MDC in the humanitarian and development field

The content of the website was transferred to the IM Resource Portal in May 2021, more information here:

This webpage aims at sharing documentation produced jointly by Terre des hommes (Tdh) and CartONG to help humanitarians and development actors use Mobile Data Collection (MDC) more efficiently in the field.

You will find tutorials and training material concerning all the phases of MDC, from thinking through the prerequisites of using MDC to the preparation of your forms and tools and the analysis of your data.  A large percentage of the MDC documentation available is "tool-agnostic" (can be used with any ODK-related MDC tool), but when tools are mentioned it focuses on the use of Kobo & ODK Collect, or SurveyCTO for more advanced MDC (see "Tdh staff MDC Tools recommendations" on to know more behind the rationale). Additionally, the MDC documentation includes the WASH Facility Evaluation Tool (FACET) and all related guidance.

On this website you can also find a "Starter Kit" for data protection in humanitarian and development operations, as well as "Data Visualization" material, in the Analysis page,  produced to help organizations to better visualize the results of their data analyses. 

These were made for Terre des hommes staff but are shared "as-is" as they could be useful for other NGOs. 

Everything on this website is published under a CC-BY-SA license aiming to help increase the level of awareness and building capacity on these subjects.

All the documentation of this website has been produced under the CC BY-SA license and can be shared and adapted freely as long as attribution rights are respected and the material is shared under the same license. Click here for more details regarding the CC-BY-SA license. Documents in editable format are available on request - see the contact page. A few of the documents are available also in french.