Analyse your data

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On this page you can access guidance on how to best conduct an analysis of your data collected in your MDC project. This guidance includes information on the use of online analysis tools, such as the analysis section on the Kobo platform, but also tools for offline analysis such as the offline Kobo analyser and other forms of analysis in Excel.

NB: Don't hesitate to also check out the "Train your teams" page, where the Survey Manager presentations cover a lot of material! Also, the "Data Protection Starter Kit" page provides you with useful information such as how to permanently delete data from your device or how to archive and back-up your data.

Online analysis

Data visualisation toolkit

In this section you can access a toolkit to guide you into improving your data visualisation practices. It will give you an overview of the key concepts to keep in mind when designing your data visualization products, help you choose the best options based on the aim of your analysis and also give you an Excel template to help you produce the graphs in question.

                             —Coming soon---

Advanced online dashboard with Power BI