Design your form

Below you can find detailed information on how to design and test your MDC form and what rules to keep in mind when designing. These rules concern more technical MDC issues, as indications for XLS coding, but also methodological and theoretical aspects, such as general M&E principles and advice.

NB: Don't hesitate to also check out the "Train your teams" page, where the Survey Manager presentations cover a lot of material on Kobo and XLSforms coding. Also, the "Data Protection Starter Kit" page provides you with useful information such as how to set up encryption in your Mobile Data Collection tool.

Choosing your tool and setting up your form

  • Advanced user - Advanced XLS form tool features

Don't hesitate to also refer to the wealth of information available on, the ODK and Kobo websites and forums and also some CartONG blog posts for advanced features: and

Basic user - Online form builder

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Managing administrative data (see also:

Tdh MDC data sharing rules

Best practices for form testing

Most common technical survey conception errors