Prepare your MDC

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In this section you can find the information you need to get started with your MDC project, including how to create and manage your account, what questions you need to ask yourselves to choose the devices to acquire and how to set them up for MDC. For further information on MDC tools, you can read the benchmarking conducted in collaboration with UNHCR beginning of 2017.

NB: Don't hesitate to also check out the "Train your teams" page, where the Survey Manager presentations cover a lot of material! Also, the "Data Protection Starter Kit" page provides you with useful information such as how to choose, store, organise and share your passwords within your organisation or how to protect your mobile devices.

Create and configure your account (on Kobo)

Choose and acquire your mobile devices

For more information, please consult the following article :

A benchmark of smartphones and tablets done by CartONG & UNHCR is available here:

Set up your ODK Collect data collection app

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Configuration of Kobo account and password rules

Manage your fleet of phones