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Kostas B.

Database Officer for Terres des hommes, Ioannina - Greece

"Everything is in your fingertips for collecting data and knowledge"

Pierrick K.

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for Terre des hommes, Iraq

"MDC is important because it makes easier and faster the collection of evidence"

Atheer E.

Information Management Officer for Terre des hommes, Kirkuk - Iraq

"I have been working in the database field since 2007 and started using MDC one year ago. Among many other advantages it is for me the best way to save time, reduce the percentage of mistakes and misunderstanding and follow up and analyze data in real time"

Suresh Kumar K.

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for Terre des hommes, Nepal

"We are using Kobo to capture day to day data from the primary health facility construction sites. It allows us to receive data and pictures on a daily basis about progress and materials delivered. Thanks to CartONG's training, we are now confident to use MDC in upcoming programs as well"

Rawia A.

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for Terre des hommes, Lebanon

"When I want to collect, process and analyze a lot of quantitative information, I directly think of using MDC. In comparison to a traditional paper collection, MDC helps to reduce time, resources, and costs, while improving the supervision and control in real-time of the collected data. The ability to visualize outputs instantly or the possibility to capture dynamic forms of data (GPS, video, images...) with the same tool are some other advantages of MDC"